Australian Iron Ore & Coal

Australia is one of the world’s largest Iron Ore and Coal producers. Enjoying a strong reputation for quality and Australia’s close proximity to Asia.

Australink sources Australian Iron Ore and Coal to supply qualified customers.


Australink currently exports Australian Iron Ore Fines and Lumps of various grades throughout Asia.

Iron Ore fines, and Iron Ore lumps are sourced from the Pilbara mining region of Western Australia. Iron Ore is available in a range of specifications depending on specific customer requirements and end use.

Most of our Iron Ore is exported to steel mills through Asia for use in the manufacture of steel. China is Australia’s largest purchaser of Iron Ore with a large percentage of the worlds steel being manufactured in China. Iron Ore is a key and important ingredient to the growth of worldwide developing nations.

Australink exports Iron Ore through Asia and common grades range from Fe 54 % – Fe 59% and Fe 60% – Fe 66%. For more information please contact us to express your interest.

Global demand for Coal is rising as the energy needs of the worlds growing population accelerate.

Coal is one of Australia’s largest export industries and Australink currently exports Coking Coal and Thermal Coal throughout Asia.

Coal usage is forecast to increase by 50% over the next 20 years as global demand for energy continues to grow. Due to this strong demand Coal will continue to play a critical part in the way the world generates electricity along side other technologies and green energy. China, Japan, Korea and India are all large coal consumers and purchase most of Australia’s export volume.

Australink is an global exporter of Coking coal and Thermal Coal. For more information express your interest below.

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