Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Cotton & Wool

Australink sources a wide range of grains including Wheat, Corn and Sorghum. Australian Cotton and Wool are also available for export.


Australia is a large grower of wheat and in 2012 Australia produced over 27 million metric tonnes of wheat. Australian Soft Wheat or ASW is the most popular variety of wheat for export.

  • Australian Hard Wheat
  • Australian Premium White Wheat
  • Australia Soft Wheat
  • Noodle Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • General Purpose Wheat
  • Feed Wheat

Australian corn is a popular commodity for feed. In Australia we produce approximately 400,000mt of corn per year depending on conditions. The best time to purchase is during the harvest season of March.

Grain Sorghum is a cost effective alternative for animal feel. Sorghum is a plant based feed mainly used for cattle, pigs and poultry and has been growing in popularity due to its price competitiveness as a animal feed.

Australia is famous for its Cotton and Wool and we export all over the word to textile mills to produce clothing. All grades available.

Mainly used as animal feed alternative.

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